Original utilisé 00.781.5299 planche heidelberg appropriée avec affichage carte heidelberg dnk4 00.781.5299

Original utilisé 00.781.5299 planche heidelberg appropriée avec affichage carte heidelberg dnk4 00.781.5299

sku:00.781.5299 suitable Heidelberg board with display Heidelberg DNK4 board 00.781.5299

Utiliser pour: Machine Heidelberg

Paquet: Carton standard

Because of the limit of website, we can\'t display all kinds of spare parts on it. If you need some items and can\'t find out on our website, pls don\'t hesitate to contact us.


Model Number:00.785.0363 MV.036.387 M3.036.387 00.785.0353 00.781.2432 00.781.5299

Original Used 

00.781.5299 suitable Heidelberg board with display Heidelberg DNK4 board 00.781.5299

Use for: Heidelberg Machine

Type : Original Used

Package: Standard Carton

Condition: Used

Because of the limit of website, we can't display all kinds of spare parts on it. If you need some items and can't find out on our website, pls don't hesitate to contact us.

Chain guide

SM 10291.580.204 /02Gripper cam
SM 10291.580.205 /03Gripper cam oeffnen S
SM 10291.580.206 /04Gripper cam
SM 10291.580.237 /01Tensioning nut
SM 10291.580.241 /Pin
SM 10291.580.246 /Set collar
SM 10291.580.255 /01Valve housing OS
SM 10291.580.258 /Connecting socket
SM 10291.580.259 /04Driving bolt
SM 10291.580.266 /Washer
SM 10291.580.272 /Gear
SM 10291.580.287 /Plug Gpn 300 F11
SM 10291.580.304 /06Cam DS
SM 10291.580.306 /06Cam OS
SM 10291.580.319 /06Torsion bar spring
SM 10291.580.335 /Gripper holder
SM 10291.580.337 /Gripper upper position
SM 10291.580.338 /Gripper below
SM 10291.580.344 /Spacer
SM 10291.580.369 /06Key
SM 10291.580.371 /Spacer Dicke 0.1
SM 10291.580.372 /Spacer Dicke 0.05
SM 10291.580.373 /Spacer Dicke 0.025
SM 10291.580.392 /Threaded bolt
SM 10291.580.637 /Gripper upper position
SM 10291.580.727N/Gripper
SM 10291.581.004 /Gripper cam
SM 10291.581.018 /Compression spring
SM 10291.581.020 /01Gripper pad Auswahlteil
SM 10291.581.021 /01Gripper pad Auswahlteil
SM 10291.581.022 /01Gripper pad Auswahlteil
SM 10291.581.727N/Gripper
SM 10291.581.827N/Gripper
SM 10291.891.145F/Plate
SM 10291.891.146F/Plate
SM 10291.891.175 /02Feed table plate
SM 102MV.004.194 /06Plate
SM 102MV.004.205 /06Bearing flange
SM 102MV.004.210 /02Swiveling lever
SM 102MV.004.216 /01Swiveling lever
SM 102MV.004.217 /01Swiveling lever OS
SM 102MV.004.227 /Support
SM 102MV.004.256 /Lever
SM 102MV.004.256 /01Lever
SM 102MV.004.257 /03Support
SM 102
Support DS
SM 102MV.004.280 /01Journal
SM 102MV.004.281 /Threaded bushing
SM 102MV.004.284 /Intermediate gear
SM 102MV.004.291 /Bush
SM 102MV.004.292 /Intermediate gear
SM 102MV.004.295 /Adjusting screw
SM 102MV.004.295 /01Adjusting screw
SM 102
SM 102MV.004.296 /Adjusting screw
SM 102MV.004.296 /01Adjusting screw
SM 102MV.004.552 /01Trough
SM 102MV.004.785 /03Connecting link
SM 102MV.004.799 /02Cam
SM 102MV.004.800 /Bush
SM 102MV.004.801 /Gear
SM 102MV.004.818 /07Gripper system
SM 102MV.004.819 /08Gripper system
SM 102MV.005.001 /01Turning valve
SM 102MV.005.214 /01Gripper
SM 102MV.006.278 /Adjusting spindle
SM 102MV.006.500 /04Gripper supporting tube
SM 102MV.006.501 /07Gripper system
SM 102MV.006.506 /08Gripper system
SM 102MV.006.626 /03Tube
SM 102MV.006.760 /05Guide plate
SM 102MV.011.033 /Segment
SM 102MV.012.504 /03Threaded bolt cpl
SM 102MV.012.906 /03Doctor blade
SM 102MV.016.791 /01Lever DS
SM 102MV.016.792 /01Lever OS
SM 102MV.016.797 /Spring rod
SM 102MV.016.942 /03Adjusting worm gear
SM 102MV.017.137 /Adjusting worm gear
SM 102MV.021.061 /01Valve
SM 102MV.021.061 /02Valve
SM 102MV.021.062 /02Valve
SM 102MV.022.040 /Segment
SM 102MV.022.043 /Turning valve
SM 102MV.022.048 /Gear
SM 102MV.022.049 /01Rod
SM 102MV.022.051 /03Bearing flange
SM 102MV.022.069 /Support
SM 102MV.022.084 /01Bearing bolt
SM 102MV.022.106 /01Journal
SM 102MV.022.118 /Intermediate gear
SM 102MV.022.122 /01Swiveling lever
SM 102MV.022.561 /02Stop lever
SM 102MV.022.564 /Gear segment
SM 102MV.022.568 /Gripper system
SM 102MV.022.573 /Guard
SM 102MV.022.880 /Pin
SM 102MV.022.883 /Handle rod supporting bolt
SM 102MV.022.921 /04Gripper system
SM 102MV.022.923 /04Gripper system
SM 102MV.022.938 /Suction drum unit
SM 102MV.022.964 /Guide
SM 102MV.023.024 /Motor
SM 102MV.023.072 /01Pull rail holder
SM 102MV.023.978 /03Distributor cylinder
SM 102MV.024.704 /06Plate
SM 102MV.025.468 /03Ink fountain divider
SM 102MV.025.468 /04Ink fountain divider
SM 102MV.025.468 /05Ink fountain divider
SM 102MV.025.470 /Swiveling lever DS
SM 102MV.026.205 /03Tube
SM 102MV.026.375 /02Bearing flange
SM 102MV.026.377 /02Bearing flange
SM 102
Bearing flange - Ink
SM 102MV.027.123 /02Cotter pin
SM 102MV.027.501 /03Shaft
SM 102MV.027.501 /04Shaft
SM 102MV.027.504 /Threaded bolt cpl
SM 102MV.028.001 /04Distributor cylinder cpl
SM 102MV.028.141 /01Coupling
SM 102MV.028.141 /02Coupling
SM 102MV.028.400 /02Gear segment
SM 102MV.028.931 /08Cylinder
SM 102MV.029.480 /Gripper system
SM 102MV.029.826 /05Distributor cylinder cpl
SM 102MV.030.082 /Sucker
SM 102MV.030.083 /Sucker
SM 102MV.030.402 /06Cylinder
SM 102MV.031.043 /04Bearing bush
SM 102MV.031.043 /05Bearing bush
SM 102MV.031.124 /Bearing bolt
SM 102MV.031.208 /04Distributor cylinder
SM 102MV.031.209 /04Distributor cylinder
SM 102MV.031.441 /05Distributor cylinder cpl
SM 102MV.031.789 /Underlay foil
SM 102MV.031.812 /01Doctor blade
SM 102MV.032.261 /01Clamping piece
SM 102MV.032.371 /Pin cpl
SM 102MV.032.586 /02Reflex sensor
SM 102MV.032.586 /03Reflex sensor
SM 102
Reflex sensor DS
SM 102MV.032.587 /02Reflex sensor
SM 102MV.032.587 /03Reflex sensor
SM 102
Reflex sensor OS
SM 102MV.033.602 /01Support
SM 102
Support  OS
SM 102MV.033.602 /04Support
SM 102MV.033.944 /Guard plate
SM 102MV.034.204 /03Combined spraying and cleaning blade
SM 102MV.034.249 /Shaft cpl
SM 102MV.034.254 /Shaft cpl
SM 102MV.034.255 /Shaft cpl
SM 102MV.034.501 /05Roller lever cpl
SM 102MV.034.649 /01Brush roller
SM 102MV.035.656 /Shaft
SM 102
Shaft cpl - 82.010.201S
SM 102MV.036.924 /Base cover cpl
SM 102MV.036.927 /02Suction bar
SM 102MV.039.037 /Latch
SM 102MV.039.231 /Pneumatic cylinder
SM 102MV.039.231 /01Pneumatic cylinder
SM 102MV.040.336 /01Brush roller
SM 102MV.040.336 /02Brush roller
SM 102MV.050.373 /01Adjusting worm gear
SM 102MV.050.374 /01Adjusting worm gear
SM 102MV.050.375 /01Adjusting worm gear
SM 102MV.050.376 /01Adjusting worm gear
SM 102MV.051.465 /01Rod
SM 102MV.051.920 /Adjusting spindle cpl
SM 102MV.053.267 /02Roller holder
SM 102MV.053.335 /Sheet-metal jacket
SM 102MV.053.552 /03Mounting aid
SM 102MV.054.853 /01Roller lever
SM 102MV.055.496 /Main distributor
SM 102MV.057.334 /Connecting link
SM 102
Potentiometer cpl.
SM 102MV.060.973 /Motor mit Zahnrad
SM 102MV.100.418 /03Adjusting worm gear
SM 102MV.101.539 /03Support DS
SM 102MV.104.041 /02Bearing bolt cpl
SM 102S8.008.134F/02Guide piece cpl
SM 102S8.011.017 /02Supporting disk
SM 102S8.030.205 /04Bearing plate DS
SM 102S8.030.207 /02Lever OS
SM 102S8.145.4111/02Connecting line Schnittstelle stand.
SM 102S8.205.007 /Screw
SM 102S8.205.019 /Screw
SM 102S8.205.022 /01Screw
SM 102S8.205.034 /01Cam
SM 102S8.205.053 /03Hickey remover
SM 102S8.215.106 /Rod 1035 mm lang
SM 102S8.215.201N/07TransferJacketPlus Nachlieferung
SM 102S8.215.201N/08TransferJacketPlus Nachlieferung
SM 102S8.215.201N/11TransferJacket Blue Nachlieferung
SM 102S8.400.410 /02Brush
SM 102S8.400.417 /Pulley for toothed belt
SM 102S8.400.418 /Pulley for toothed belt
SM 102S8.502.116S/Mounting plate O.S.
SM 102S8.581.173N/03Cylinder jacket
SM 102S8.581.173N/04Cylinder jacket
SM 102S8.581.184N/08PerfectJacket Dicke 0,250 - 0,255
SM 102S8.581.184N/09PerfectJacket Dicke 0,250 - 0,255
SM 102S8.581.184N/10PerfectJacket Dicke 0,250 - 0,255
SM 102S8.581.187N/07PerfectJacket
SM 102S8.582.825 /03Thrust piece
SM 102S8.582.831 /01Gasket D 58
SM 102S8.583.360 /02Collar
SM 102S9.030.234 /Intermediate gear
SM 102S9.030.235 /01Pin
SM 102S9.030.322N/Water pan
SM 102S9.101.2022/02Brake 7760024A15 6,3A 24V
SM 102S9.164.1433/Solenoid valve cpl
SM 102S9.164.1436/Solenoid valve Tauschsatz
SM 102S9.164.1437/Coil  24V
SM 102S9.164.1447/Toothed belt
SM 102
Toothed belt 4230003
SM 102S9.164.1448/Metering piston
SM 102S9.164.1453/Set of rotor vanes
SM 102S9.164.1466/Powder hose 6040001 D7.7xMeterwar
SM 102S9.164.1468/Powder hose 3140047-20 D7,7 x 24m
SM 102S9.164.1469/Potentiometer 3290067
SM 102S9.164.1488/Hose Silikon D8.0
SM 102S9.164.1536/01Pressure transducer
SM 102S9.184.1051/024/2-way valve
SM 102S9.187.2136/Temperature probe
SM 102S9.196.1536/Float Mechanik
SM 102S9.196.1556/Float
SM 102S9.196.1746/02Level-monitoring device
SM 102S9.315.084 /04Brush
SM 102S9.525.807 /Hose clamp
SM 102S9.581.173N/03Cylinder jacket
SM 102S9.581.173N/04Cylinder jacket
SM 102S9.581.173N/05Cylinder jacket
SM 102S9.581.185N/09PerfectJacket Dicke 0,301 - 0,305
SM 102SA.016.131 /01Pulley
SM 102SA.022.114 /Pin
SM 102SA.022.145 /Compression spring
SM 102SA.022.648 /01Guide plate
SM 102SA.072.002 /04Camshaft
SM 102SA.072.002 /05Camshaft
SM 102SA.072.052 /04Camshaft
SM 102SA.072.052 /05Camshaft
SM 102SA.072.144 /01Angle
SM 102SA.072.146 /Angle
SM 102SA.072.201 /03Suction drum
SM 102SA.072.351 /03Flutter cam
SM 102SA.109.1331/04Denture clutch
SM 102SA.109.1331/05Denture clutch Elektromagnetisch
SM 102SA.178.1756/Metering pump m.Schalldämpfer
SM 102SA.187.2193/01Pump CH 12-50
SM 102SA.196.1736/01Temperature probe
SM 102SA.196.6216/01Circulating pump
SM 102SA.313.107 /01Gripper pad
SM 102SA.581.173N/05Cylinder jacket
SM 102SA.581.183N/07PerfectJacket
SM 102SG.186.0206/Printing form 021102 T SM102
SM 102TC.011.121 /Cam follower PWKR 40x18x44,5
SM 52G1.007.015 /01Positioning foil
SM 52G1.007.514 /Pointer
SM 52G1.011.173N/Cylinder jacket
SM 52G1.011.273N/01Cylinder jacket
SM 52G1.011.273N/02Cylinder jacket
SM 52G1.014.701 /Guide bar
SM 52G1.156.3031/Venturi unit rechts
SM 52G1.187.1926/Heat exchanger
SM 52G1.215.801 /Power mains
SM 52G2.006.003F/09Clamp cpl
SM 52G2.006.018 /Washer
SM 52G2.006.038 /Leaf spring
SM 52G2.006.038 /01Leaf spring
SM 52G2.006.050F/06Blanket cylinder guar GummituchzylSchutz
SM 52G2.007.044 /02Rod
SM 52G2.007.054 /02Leaf spring
SM 52G2.007.066 /01Headless screw M 6x30
SM 52G2.007.504 /Adjusting spindle
SM 52G2.007.506 /Threaded bushing
SM 52G2.007.506 /03Threaded bushing
SM 52G2.007.513F/04Centering flange
SM 52G2.007.520 /01Clamping disc
SM 52G2.007.521 /01Compression spring
SM 52G2.007.556 /Pin
SM 52G2.007.557 /Pin
SM 52G2.008.110S/01Spindle
SM 52G2.008.112 /02Ink fountain divider
SM 52
Ink fountain divider  DS
SM 52G2.008.112 /04Ink fountain divider
SM 52G2.008.113 /01Ink fountain divider
SM 52
Ink fountain divider OS
SM 52G2.008.113 /03Ink fountain divider
SM 52G2.008.309 /02Ink fountain divider
SM 52G2.008.310 /02Ink fountain divider
SM 52G2.008.311 /Compression spring
SM 52G2.008.312 /02Pin
SM 52G2.008.313 /02Fixing plate
SM 52G2.008.316 /Leaf spring
SM 52G2.009.007 /Torsion spring
SM 52G2.009.009F/Journal cpl
SM 52G2.009.010 /04Journal OS
SM 52G2.009.303 /02Shaft
SM 52G2.009.304 /02Bush
SM 52G2.009.305 /01Washer
SM 52G2.010.009 /01Journal box DS
SM 52G2.010.010 /01Journal box OS
SM 52G2.010.011 /Journal box DS
SM 52G2.010.025 /10Journal box DS
SM 52G2.010.026 /09Journal box OS
SM 52G2.010.036 /04Adjusting spindle
SM 52G2.010.037 /02Adjusting spindle
SM 52G2.010.037 /04Adjusting spindle
SM 52G2.010.041 /Block
SM 52G2.010.042 /01Spring bolt
SM 52G2.010.046 /04Adjusting spindle
SM 52G2.010.050 /Connecting link
SM 52G2.010.051 /01Pin
SM 52G2.010.055 /Compression spring
SM 52G2.010.056 /01Adjusting spindle
SM 52G2.010.202 / 04Setbolt
SM 52G2.010.205 / 03Levier DS
SM 52G2.010.206 / 03Levier OS
SM 52G2.010.209 / 01Levier DS
SM 52G2.010.210 / 01Levier OS
SM 52G2.010.211 /Épingle
SM 52G2.010.213 /Épingle
SM 52G2.010.214 /Ressort de compression
SM 52G2.010.215 /Vis
SM 52G2.010.501F / 11Réservoir de lavage cpl.
SM 52G2.010.514 / 01Ressort de torsion
SM 52G2.011.101 / 03Cylindre d'impression
SM 52G2.011.101 / 04Cylindre d'impression
SM 52G2.011.125 / 03Pièce de serrage
SM 52G2.011.127 /Ressort de barre de torsion
SM 52G2.011.128 / 02Support de pince
SM 52G2.011.128 / 03Support de pince
SM 52G2.011.128F / 06Boîtier de préhension cpl
SM 52G2.011.130 / 02Vis
SM 52G2.011.130 / 03Vis Q1
SM 52G2.013.006F / 01Barre de support cpl
SM 52G2.013.054 / 01Épingle
SM 52G2.013.055 / 02Tige à ressort
SM 52G2.013.056 /Ressort de compression
SM 52G2.013.057 / 01Pince
SM 52G2.014.017 / 01Support de pince
SM 52G2.014.020 / 07Ressort de torsion
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